Stop Playing Nice And Lie Cheat And Steal Your Way TO Blogging Riches

Lie Cheat And Steal Your Way….

Yes you read the title right – if you have been blogging With no results, then it is time to turn to the dark side. No more Mr. Nice Guy blogging for you. You have tried your best at being honest – now it is time to embrace the darkness. You need traffic? Then you need to lie, cheat and steal your way to blogging supremacy. Let me guide you down this dire path. If your pure and innocent mind is telling you to stop reading, you might want to continue just to see What I mean.

1. Lie! It is time to forget the ten commandments, lying can help you devise some catchy blog posts that will get talked about. I have to admit that my idea of lying might not be as evil as you were expecting. I am actually talking about satire. You can use satire to craft funny posts that people may feel more inclined to spread. This might be hard to explain so I will give you an example. I pretended to get a sneak peak at some upcoming software. I picked a software release that won’t be happening for years and I gave ten “secret” facts about it. Of course I was “lying”, I just made up new comedic features that were so over the top no one could take it seriously. It ended up getting some twitter love and was one of my more successful posts. The creator of the software even retweeted it and thanked me for giving him a good laugh.

2. Cheat! We covered lies, so now lets move on to cheating. What evil ideas will I come up with here? Well once again, it is a little ,vanilla. I think for us bloggers consistency is key. If you release posts everyday you will get Google love and more traffic. Sometime this is impossible though. I have had days so busy I can’t possibly get a blog post out. That said, my RSS subscribers still got a notification in their email about a new post…because I cheated!

WordPress and most other blog platforms allow you to schedule posts. When you are “feeling it” and ready to crank out content — crank out as much as possible and then like the infomercial says: “set it and forget it!”. You can even keep a couple blog posts in a text file so you just have to copy and paste on your busy days.

3. Steal! Alright this is clear cut, I obviously meant you should go to someone else’s blog and steal their content. This is Simple! It is also plagiarism and I’m joking, I do not support that.

What you can steal are ideas! Browse your favorite blogs and get inspiration from them. You can easily and honestly get a topic or general themes from them. You can also go one step further and use a part of their post in your post. You can review their blog, you could review a video they made or you can take a single quote from their blog post (with attribution of course) and discuss your feelings about it. Stealing is usually frowned upon but I think in this case blog owners will be happy to receive exposure from your site.

We grew up learning not to lie, cheat or steal. I think the majority of people would agree they are wrong but even the most prudent person would agree my methods are pretty tame. If you are in a rut then don’t forget; you can lie, cheat and steal your way to creating constant content! This should give your blog a much needed boost, and hey sometimes it feels good to be bad.

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