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I would never claim that blogging Could cure depression. Depression is a serious issue and Should be dealt with by a doctor. That said, are there any therapeutic benefits to blogging? I think there are. If you have been feeling down or overwhelmed then starting a blog might be just the thing to let you channel your frustrations. A blog allows you to release your emotions, interact with other people and it can be a consistent and stable factor in a hectic world. I believe the following three benefits are proof that a blog can be therapeutic.

1. Release of Emotions: Everyone says you shouldn’t bottle up your feelings. Some people have no problem releasing their emotions while other people have a tough time talking about their issues. A blog allows someone to release all of their emotions through their daily posts. You can get a lot off your chest in a blog post. Most importantly for some people, you can do this anonymously. This is a big plus for some people. If you are suffering from some negative thoughts, or anger then it might be easier for you to express that knowing you are anonymous. A blog offers people the perfect forum to share their thoughts and release any pent up emotions that might be harmful for them to keep inside.

2. Social Interaction: Of course nothing beats getting out and meeting people, we all know this. The problem is that not everyone is a social butterfly. They might naturally be shy people who would rather stay in, or they might have an issue that makes face to face social interaction stressful. Blogging and micro-blogging allow people to interact with other people online. It doesn’t beat the real thing but it is a start. Interaction can come from people contacting you based on your story or from comments to your blog. One of the great things is when you share a personal story and you get a comment from someone going through similar things. A blog allows anyone to interact with other people, and is a great tool when trying to reach people with similar interests or problems.

3. Consistency and Stability: This might be an overlooked value when it comes to blogs, but I think it is important. Some people live in a chaotic world that helps keep them feeling the way they do. A blog offers some consistency and stability. The blog is always there, stays pretty much the same and just waits for you to post. There are no demands or pressure. You have a blog that is always there and ready for you. It is also great to have that routine for people. A blog could be something that people look forward too each day. Outside of technical difficulties, it isn’t likely to let a person down.

I am not a doctor and I would never claim that a blog is a cure for any level of depression. That said I am a blogger, and I do have some insight into that world. I think I can safely say that blogs do have some therapeutic properties. If you are looking for stability, social interaction or a way to release your pent up feelings, then try out blogging. It doesn’t cure problems, but it might help you cope.

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