The Offline SEO Approach: Step 2, Content

Social media isnt just a way to get together and talk with friends. While it would be entirely possible for you to set up a Twitter feed and tweet all day about the weather and food and television, this isnt the most effective way to get people thinking about Your offline business. The more effective way to get them to sit up and take notice is by your content. Its one of the most oft-repeated mantras of our time content is king. And so it is.

One of the cornerstone tenants of SEO is the importance of having solid, informative content. While its possible to stuff your website or your social media page full of keywords, this wont necessarily improve the status of your site and definitely wont charm the customer. The reason why people subscribe to Twitter feeds and friend businesses is because the content those social network pages are offering is informative and interesting. Very few people are going to follow a business blog or Twitter feed very long if the content isnt there.

So, how do offline businesses insure that their online content is interesting and informative? Well, the first thing that you can do is take advantage of the serious one-up you have on online business that is, your ability to directly interface with the customer. In other words: ask. Ask your customers, If this business started a Twitter feed or a Facebook page, what kind of content would you like to see? What would keep you interested? Obviously, its more useful if you can ask repeat customers who have shown an open interest in the wares of your store. These are the people who Will let you know what they want to see, and if your veteran customers are interested in something regarding your store or product, its likely that theres a treasure trove of other people who would like access to that same content.

Another important thing to keep in minds insofar as content is concerned is keeping your updates useful and short. Nobody wants to have their inbox spammed constantly with daily updates from your store. Its unlikely that many people are that interested, and if you overdo social media networking, it will turn off potential customers. The best way to go about it is to think hard about every update you make. Ask yourself, Is this informative, or useful? If I were going to receive information from a company using this format, would I want to read this or would I trash it? If youd trash it, dont send it.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your social media contacts updated once a week. This shows constant activity and that the account is a live one without being totally overbearing. Keep your content coming, but dont bury your followers!

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