What Does PLR Licensing Actually Mean?

When you are creating and selling PLR material, there are many things to consider. One of these things is to choose What usage rights are you going to give away on Your PLR products. Even though, by its very nature PLR is virtually wide open in how you can use it, there are still certain restrictions you can (and should) consider.

Any PLR product you create should include the specific rights you wish to grant and/or disallow. Commonly, those will be found in a plain text file that follows this general template (Feel free to use this one in fact, just change the yess and nos to your desired choices):

Usage Rights:

[YES] Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is

[YES] Can be bundled with other products

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus

[YES] Can use the content as a viral report

[YES] Can be used to create audio/video products

[YES] Can give them to your affiliates to publish to promote your products

[YES] Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites

[YES] Can be offered through auction sites

[YES] Can claim full authorship

[YES] Can alter ecover graphics

[NO] Can be used as web content

[NO] Can Sell resell rights

[NO] Can sell master resell rights

[NO] Can sell private label rights

[YES] Add to free membership sites

This is not the entire scope of usage rights you can grant or withheld, but it is a great starting point, and feel free to use it for your own creations.

I wont break down every right as they are fairly self explanatory but their are a couple that take a little more consideration then others:

[NO] Can be used as web content This right basically means people cant break down your products for Blog posts, or website copy. This is a right you need to think about. A lot of our products are full product suites that we fill lose value if they are found as web content across the net. If we were just selling a pile of articles, it might make sense to allow them to be used as web content.

[YES] Add to free membership sites – This is also a right to consider. If you feel the value of your PLR product is hurt by offering it to free membership sites, then feel free to use no.

[NO] Can sell private label rights – This is one we had to add to our products after initial launch of our site. We were allowing people to sell OUR PLR as their own PLR products welllll that was a problem because then theyd populate entire PLR membership sites with just our products. We essentially were creating competition every time we created a product. Not a great business model.

When you release PLR products, remember to include usage rights. It might take a couple tries to balance, but the best combination of rights will protect the value on your PLR while still leaving it desirable to online marketers.

While you are free to copy ours, make sure you consider what works best for YOU. You can change yess to nos, you can add or delete rights but at the end of the day you want a list of rights you and your buyers can live with.

Does anyone have any other usage rights they add to their own products? Let us know in the comment area.

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