Top Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid

1. Lack of Focus – It is important to focus on one niche, website or method at a time. You don’t want to multitask between 500 things. You will never learn what works and what doesn’t unless you focus on one thing and give it a fair chance. The added focus will ensure you see results as quickly as possible.

2. Buying Every Product – I spent a lot of money on money making systems, turnkey solutions, push button cash Generating reports etc… To be perfectly frank, I got ripped off a couple times. Not only that, I lost my focus because I had bought reports on 20 different ways to Make money. There is nothing wrong with buy these reports, but you don’t have to buy everyone you see.

3. Not Following Through – If you buy some sort of product – then make use of it. Don’t just file it away. Buying a product is useless unless you USE it. This is exactly why I wasted so much time and money. I would buy a product or system and then never follow through on it. I wouldn’t get results right away so I would give up. I did this over and over again with no results. If you don;t follow through on your campaigns you will not make money.

4. Underestimating Sales Copy – This came up on 4 out of 7 marketers lists. It is something I wouldn’t have thought of — but it instantly hit home. Never underestimate the power of sales copy. It is definitely worth learning. My major issue was never believing those long sales pages would ever work on anyone – since they have NEVER worked on me. I assumed people were like me – but I was wrong. Luckily I learned my lesson early. If you are thinking of investing money into your online marketing – consider a high quality Sales Copy course. Even a basic understanding will dramatically increase your results.

5. Lack of Confidence – The above 4 points came from other marketers, but this last one came to me. You need to be confident when you are working online. You will hear people in the outside world doubt you, and people on the online world can be downright brutal. Dont listen to them. If you are intelligent, willing to learn and hard working you can and WILL success making money online. Dont let anyone talk down to you. If you fail, pick yourself up and keep trying. There is money to be mad, and you can earn it. Dont believe otherwise.

Learning from your own Mistakes is a quick way to learn. Even faster than that though, is learning from our mistakes. That takes out the time you waste making mistakes in the first place 🙂

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