Quenching The Market’s Thirst For Fresh Content

Creating (or buying) high quality content for your site is without a doubt one of the most important activities you can do. Content truly is king. You want to consistently add good content to your site. This is What will attract people to your site, and more importantly bring them back. Most people won’t buy something until their 3rd time on a website. You want to give them as much of a reason to comeback as possible, and nothing does that better than good quality content.

Content will also catch the eye of Google. If you are creating a new Blog post in WordPress every time you add content, that is a separate page that can be indexed in Google. The more pages you have in Google, the more chance people have to find you AND the more powerful your site is to Google itself (better Google rankings).

Fresh content is another big favorite of Google. A site with fresh content will out rank one with stale content all things considered.

Great content is also a traffic driver. You can try all of the traffic techniques you want but NOTHING will top your content going viral. If your content is good enough, people will share it. Social media makes sharing things so Easy now, that nothing can compare with the traffic driving power of “word-of-mouth”.

If you want to build backlinks, drive traffic, increase your Google rank and create repeat web visitors – then you need to create good content on a consistent basis.

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