Top Reasons Why You Should Join The Social Networking Bandwagon

Youre probably well aware of how helpful social networking tools can be when it comes to getting attention for your business. In fact, social networking has become such a salient topic in recent years that its developed its own marketing acronym just as Search Engine Optimization has SEO, social networking has Social Media Optimization, or SMO.

Yes, its true there are people who make their living by controlling the Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles of people and businesses. The good news is that if youre a small operation, theres absolutely no reason why you cant manage your own social media optimization. Theres very little about the process thats acutely difficult the most annoying thing about it is that it can be time consuming, which is why some companies choose to outsource the work. Once your social media optimization reaches a certain point, you might deem it necessary to outsource it as well, but for people who are just starting on the path to social medial optimization, its recommended that you take control of it yourself.

The reason why social networking is so pivotal when it comes to Niche Marketing is that the entire point of social networking in the first place is to find a Niche. Think of it this way when you create a personal profile on these sites, youre seeking to find people who you can network and connect with. On personal profiles, these are likely friends that you know in real life, so you can build up your communication methods with them. In essence, youre creating your own little niche where you can find others Easily through social networking, and others can find you.

Working through social networking with a business is the exact same thing. Youre putting your business out on the waves, looking for people who might be interested in your goods and services, or what you have to say. The art behind using Twitter and LinkedIn is the same as it would be with email advertising or working on forums. Post regularly enough so that your account is obviously an active account and people stay aware of your existence, but dont spam the accounts of your friends and colleagues multiple times a day. To do so is to becoming annoying, and even though youre looking to keep a steady stream of conversation going, if you become irritating, people will defriend your social network account.

Good things to make your friends on social networking sites aware of are promotions, blog updates, sales, discrepancies in business (like if you will be away from the computer for a while or the business will be closing for a period of time), or tips and tricks. Keep your updates fun, interesting, and relevant. A good rule of thumb is that if you dont have anything to say, dont say it. However, you should have something to say about your business at least two times a month should this not be the case, you need to work on making your business more dynamic!

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