Reaching Out To Prospects Through Email Advertising

It might come as no shock to you to learn That the most commonly engaged in activity on the Internet is email. People are connected to their email like no other function on the Internet, and we all know how popular Facebook and Twitter are. If you really want to get somebodys attention but cant or dont want to call, we reach for our emails. Email is one of the most professional and reliable ways to get in contact with somebody in the modern era, and even people who are less connected tend to have email addresses.

This means that if you can tap into an email connection with potential and current customers and clients, youll be getting their attention in the most reliable way possible. Most people check their email every day, and even those who dont spare a glance at it every week. That means theres a high chance that those people will be looking at Your email in their box, and even if they dont read it, theyll be reminded of the existence of your company and its products and services.

Best of all, email advertising is cheap. In fact, it can be free. Sound too good to be true?

The flip side of all this is whats known as spam. Spam is unsolicited emails that is, the digital equal to junk mail. People loathe spam with a passion, and virtually all email accounts these days come with spam filters where if you try to reach out to a potential client uninvited, your email gets diverted to a netherworld of Viagra offers that most people dont even look at.

So how to get into the email boxes of your potential and current clients without falling prey to spam? Simple. Dont send unsolicited emails.

Most companies who are looking to take advantage of email advertising do so by utilizing opt in email lists. This is done by the customer actively choosing to Sign up for your mailing lists. Most wise companies who take advantage of this offer a customer the chance to sign up for their email lists after making a purchase. Some even advertise it on the front page of their website (or right next to the checkout counter if its a brick and mortar operation).

The trick to opt in email lists is to make it worth your customers while to be part of the list. Dont send them ten emails a day. One a week is probably the maximum. When you do send out the emails, make sure that they have something relevant to say, and preferably at least one coupon. Rewarding your opt-in email subscribers is a great way for your business to be passed around by word of mouth. Itll work even better if theyre extremely happy customers!

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