Mobile Marketing Using Texts/SMS

While this is not the most popular form of Mobile Marketing in the United States by a long shot, the popularity of marketing via text message or SMS is so strong that its definitely worth a mention. There are Companies in the United States that do engage in mobile marketing through texting as well, but the restrictions on place in the United States have made this a harder avenue of media marketing to break into unless you are a startup that has a lot of money to spend on advertising.

Mobile marketing through text messages is exactly what it sounds like a company sends out advertisements and other form of communication to customers through a texting service. This has been a very effective and popular form of advertising throughout Asia and Europe in particular, despite being unpopular at the onset due to people being concerned about spam.

If youre an American company, you might shy away from mobile marketing through texting, as it might give the impression that youre bothering the customer with Your texts. While this might be true if mobile marketing through text is handled the same way as spamming somebodys inbox is through email, the reality of it is that mobile marketing has found a great deal of purchase as an effective communication medium.

The trick is making it an opt-in system. In fact, in the United States its a legal obligation to make mobile marketing an opt-in, opt-out system, but this is the linchpin that keeps using texting as a marketing medium from becoming spam. Using texts to get a hold of potential customers is actually a great way to engage with customers in a similar way that the customers engage with their friends on a regular basis through text. If you watch commercials, youre likely to come across a company or two advertising their mobile marketing through text methods. Most companies who use this sort of method in the States put out print, television, or radio ads advertising the fact that interested consumers can contact the company through texting and get discounts and other such promotional offers through texting.

If you as a startup are looking to take advantage of this version of mobile marketing, youll need to contact a mobile operator for whats called a short code, or the number that your customers will have to text if theyd like to opt into your text marketing scheme. Short codes can be prohibitively expensive for smaller startups, though often they cost at least 600-1000 dollars a month to maintain. To waylay costs, though, you can team up with another startup and split the cost of the short code. This is one great way you can introduce text marketing into your repertoire without it costing you a mint.

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