Mobile Codes Make Mobile Marketing a Breeze

More traditional forms of Mobile Marketing might involve strapping an advertisement to the back of a van and driving around. Thankfully due to the relentless Drive of technology startups and others companies can now work with more advanced methods of getting the message out to their customers in a mobile manner. Text message advertising is one of the more basic forms of Using this type of technology to get the point across to consumers, but now theres even more advanced ways of doing so.

One of the increasingly popular methods of mobile marketing can be found in QR mobile codes. You might have seen strange little white stamp-like stickers around that possess black squares and flecks printed on them. These arent strange little works of graffiti art theyre actually methods of advertising!

With a QR mobile code, a certain message is inscribed within that pattern of white and black. The way that a consumer accesses the advertisement is to take a picture of the box with a mobile phone. The mobile phone accesses the data in the code, and then the customer is taken to a certain point of advertising. This could be anything from a phone number that the ad signals the phone to call, a website, or an embedded video.

The great thing about this kind of marketing is that its relatively inconspicuous and has an aura of mystery about it. The consumer, confronted with this strange little sticker, is often compelled to take a picture of it and see what, exactly, the sticker is advertising. Its a non-invasive way of advertising that definitely gets the attention of potential consumers and often whets their appetite for adventure.

QR mobile codes can be used in a number of ways. Theres the ubiquitous sticker, often found on telephone poles or message boards, sometimes with no other advertising medium around it. If youd like to take a more proactive approach with it so that the customer knows what the mobile code is advertising, you can put a mobile code in print advertising or even on a television screen. All the customer has to do is take a picture, and you can continue your advertising scheme though this unique and innovative method of mobile advertising.

QR mobile codes are becoming increasingly popular among startups due to their somewhat secretive nature and the way that they can pique curiosity among the consumer. Its a less in-your-face method of advertising that consumers enjoy its almost like going on an Easter egg hunt and seeing what might be inside of the egg. If youre a startup looking for an innovative way to get your message out on the waves, consider QR mobile codes!

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